Combo 1

R 499.00

1 X 650ml High Performing Cleaning Wax
1 X 650ml Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner

High Perfomance Cleaning Wax

This Wax Spray Is Suitable For All Color Cars And It Effectively Combines The Principal Of Aerosol, This High Performance Cleaning Wax Mixed With Carnabua Cleans And Shines Paint, Chrome, Rims, Plastic, And More.

As Well As It Removes Tar, Grime, Bugs, Tree Sap, Grease And Much More

Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner

A Unique Formulation Quickly Cleans Away Dirt And Dust On Surface Of Parts,Carpets,Seats Of Car ,Motor Cycle And Yacht As Well Surface Of Furniture ,Wall Paper,Brick,Kitchen Utensils

Cord,Fabric,Exhaust,Fans,Refrigerator , Gas Cooker Etc This A Lab Tested Cleaner Not Only For Car Care But Also For Home Use .